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Emergency Eye Care In Upton

Our Emergency Minor Eye Condition Service

At Eye 2 Eye, we have a dedicated Emergency Minor Eye Condition Service for any new or recent condition affecting your eyes which you want to be treated urgently. This service is often an alternative to hospital and we are recommended by the local hospital to carry out the urgent care you may need.

Emergency Eye Drops

What types of conditions could be treated?

The most common conditions we treat include:

  • Sudden onset of flashes and floaters

  • Red eyes

  • Sticky eyes – discharge

  • Water eyes



Why should I use the service instead of going to the hospital?


Our Optometrist is able and qualified to treat many of the conditions for which you would usually go to the hospital. The waiting times for our service are likely to be much shorter than that at a hospital and therefore it is likely that you'll be seen to much quicker. 


In the unlikely event that your condition requires further medical assistance, we can refer you to the hospital.


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