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Man having his eyes checked for cataract

Pre and Post Cataract Assessment

A cataract is when the eye’s naturally clear lens becomes cloudy or misty.  Most cataracts are age-related and do not cause pain.  However, over time it will affect your vision.

Once the Optician has diagnosed cataracts, we will continue to monitor its development annually.

Close-up of Eye

Pre Cataract Assessment


This assessment is done once the cataract has developed enough to warrant extraction. We use dilation drops to enlarge the pupils so we can thoroughly complete our assessment and complete a referral form which is sent to the patient’s chosen provider for operation.

Post Cataract Assessment


This assessment is undertaken after the operation so we can check the health and prescription of the eyes.  We are advised accordingly by the chosen provider who did the operation how many weeks you should be tested after the cataract removal. This assessment will also require the use of pupil dilation drops.

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