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Contact Lenses

Almost everyone can use contact lenses thanks to recent advancements in technology. We offer a range of different types of contact lenses from brands to best suit you.

Soft Daily Disposable Lenses

Soft contact lenses, also referred to as disposable contact lenses, are an economical solution for part-time wearers and people who want convenient, no-fuss daily contacts with no solutions or cleaning required.

Contact Lens Vector

Gas Permeable Lenses

A type of hard contact lens used to shape the eyeball to correct astigmatisms or very high prescriptions, gas permeable lenses offer certain users more comfort than soft alternatives. 

Contact Lens Vector
Contact Lens Vector

Soft Monthly/Fortnightly Lenses

Certain soft contact lens models can be worn overnight but the vast majority do require cleaning and storing on a nightly basis. Ideal for those who want a better value option to daily disposables.

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Toric Lenses

Also used to correct astigmatisms, toric contact lenses are specially designed to fit the shape of the eye. Disposable or monthly/fortnightly lens options are available which will determine the need for solutions and care.

Multifocal Lenses

These contacts are used to correct distance and near vision simultaneously. Disposable or monthly/fortnightly lenses are available which will determine the need for solutions and care.

Come to our practice, chat to our helpful team and they will talk you through the best contact lenses for you!

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